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31 May What is Ransomware and How Do you Protect Your Businesses from an Attack

Ransomware is malicious software downloaded designed to lock the user out of their system or files or publish sensitive data until a ransom is paid. And as criminal hackers become more organised and ruthless, many large businesses are investing heavily in cyber defences.

That leaves SMES – with smaller budgets and fewer resources – as the perfect target for cybercriminals. Many SMEs are limited in both time and resources. The move towards remote working and unsecured home networks has also played into the hands of hackers, who are turning their attention to service providers, enabling them to attack multiple SMEs at one time.

Here’s some quick tips to protect your business from malicious software:

  • Keep all operating systems, browsers, plugins and antivirus and malware software updated
  • Use only use secure networks
  • Don’t click on links in emails
  • Backup all data regularly
  • Use strong passwords
  • Install a firewall
  • Block all pop-ups
  • Use encryption software

If the worst happens and your company is targeted, cyber insurance will cover you for things like data recovery and restoration, cyber extortion fees and lost income related to the incident.

Keen to know how cyber insurance can help your business manage and recover from a ransomware attack?

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